The Guildford Park located to the north side of the community has gone through many changes over the last 25 years. Often forgotten about by the residence it is a great place to come to just to walk around the areas and see the wildlife and enjoy the peacefulness. We have seen Deer, Heron, Fox, Turtles and even Beavers have had a presents.

about 20 years ago the new association leaders found that the areas was abandened of all maintenance and allowed to be overtaken by growth, dumping and neglect. A major overhail was taken to rework the main area and upper fields to allow use of it again. We decided to leave a little of the old ball field, now a “sand lot” aspect which is used by many throughout the seasons for games of softball and kick ball.

Our community was also the first to create a skateboard park in Anne Arundle County. While it was in operation, the sign up list and members were over 1200. We have since had to remove the equipment due to the liabilities of the times but we did set a standard for the county to build other parks emulating our concepts.

We have hosted and allowed others to use the space for parties as well. if interested simply give us a call.

There are continued efforts to keep working on this park and keep it clean and safe for our residents to enjoy.