We are happy and excited to announce the new work being completed on the children’s (and their parents) playground area for the Oakwood Park side of the community!

It has been long overdue that the residents of the Harundale Oakwood Park Association have an accessible area to use closer to home. The Park once completed will have swings, climbing equipment and slides. we will also have benches in the areas with new tree plantings to provide some shade as well. There will also be a walkway to travel through the center of the apparatuses with a round picnic table/bench incorporated into the walk.

Keep looking on as we continue to make progress!

So, this took a bit longer than expected but we are happy with the results, and I know the kids are too! Even during the additions of pieces and ongoing work we met with many parents and their kids using what was available. Now the swings are up! It still requires a couple more things. I hope that everyone from the Oakwood Park side can get out and enjoy some time with new and old friends.