Saunder’s Way Park

HOPCA has been working for many years to make this small area a place for the local residents as well as people passing by on the B&A Trail.

We have worked with many agencies including Army Corp Engineers, Parks and Rec, The B&A trail Org. as well as Law enforcement and Many others to allow us to have a place for People to play, relax or have a way to walk from the community to the shopping areas and more.

There are always some things that will happen that may cast a negative shadow on the area however this is everywhere and with the communities involvement we stay on top of issues and concerns to allow for people to have a good experience during their visit.

During the past years we have made changes to the area for the sake of safety and for aesthetics. The feed back is always positive which we continue to enjoy hearing.

most recently we were able to finish the flower boxes to the stairs which serve as beauty and help reduce the erosion. We have also re purposed a slide for the kids that use to be at the Harundale Church for many years.

More pictures to follow…